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Report Showcase: Software Used by Hour Heat Map

Posted by Cat McGuire on Jan 21, 2020 5:00:53 PM
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Our development team has been hard at work renovating reports for our customers. Today I want to share with you one of the new reports in our LMAP Beta Module.

Below is our Software Used by Hour report. It's particularly special because it combines data from 2 CPM Plug-ins: LMAP and Activity Monitor.

LMAP Used By Hour screenshot

LMAP collects licensing information from the Server(s) so you can see when licenses are being checked out. Activity Monitor tracks application use at the desktop to provide detailed information about activity levels and how applications are being utilized.

What is it?

  • Heat map which shows the number of licenses used each hour
  • Green represents low counts low usage, red represents higher (or even maxed out) license use

Why is it special?

  • It combines Activity Monitor and LMAP data to provide a unique view of usage
  • It allows for quick decision making and check-ins

What can I mess with?

  • Date range and time zone
  • Which applications are being depicted
  • Which user’s data is shown

What is my benefit?

  • Quickly see how frequently licenses are being checked out through the day
  • Know what times of the day/week/month have highest license use
  • Justify the purchase of new licenses to management
  • Reduce number of unused licenses
  • Work with employees to spread use more evenly thorough the day

How would you use this report? How might you improve it? Feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading!

Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) is a real-time application management platform. It provides desktop Agents that can monitor any windows-based application, independent of the licensing mechanism, for complete and detailed data. CPM works to help you optimize your licenses, save money, contain costs, and increase profits.

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