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Everything You Need to Know about Expense-2-Project (E2P)

Posted by Cat McGuire on Apr 17, 2019 7:40:18 PM
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In the next week or two, we will be publishing a new technical white paper on our Plug-in Expense-2-Project (E2P). So today I want to share the Expense-2-Project story with you and explain why it’s even more important now.

E2P, the “Money Maker” Plug-in

Expense-2-Project, or E2P, is a Plug-in designed to turn software overhead into assets. It allows users to associate application use to projects, down to the file level. This data can be used to bill projects for the exact time spent using an application.

In the Beginning…

Our founders billed fixed-bid projects an estimate for software use, but became concerned they were either over-charging or under-charging clients. They wondered if software could be billed to a project the same way one invoices for any physical asset or tool, with the exact amount of time the asset is really used.

Application use would need to be tracked and associated to each project automatically, so that every customer would be billed fairly, according to the amount of real software usage. Thus, the idea for E2P was born.

How it Works

E2P sits on top of our Activity Monitor Plug-in, which tracks application use and changes in Activity States (Active, Inactive, and Timeout).

When an application is opened, a dynamic E2P window prompts the user to enter either a project number, name, or a non-chargeable code. E2P prompts are customizable, allowing administrators to alter them to what best fits their business needs. The user hits “submit” and E2P automatically associates the Active time to that specific project or code, until the file is closed.

E2P isn’t just for the A/E/C industry; it works well for any company that uses expensive specialty software. Frequently, our customers are just as interested in monetizing Adobe as they are Autodesk. In addition, customers are able to analyze how different projects use software over time.

Administrators can configure the amount per hour to charge clients for each application and change that amount as needed. For those already using Deltek Vision, billing projects gets even easier. One simply imports a CSV file with E2P data and Deltek Vision automatically charges each project for the correct amount. (Learn about our partnership with Deltek in this press release.)

Why is E2P Important Now More than Ever?

With the shift from perpetual to subscription-based licensing, software is becoming more customizable to fit a company’s needs. Firms can purchase applications for shorter periods of time, and there’s an increased number of packaging options. It’s a no-brainer that tools providing software visibility, like Activity Monitor, are necessary to achieve license maximization and reduce licensing costs.

The utilization of revenue-generating tools like E2P could be what sets some firms on the best track for long term success. By minimizing overhead and increasing profitability first, these companies will be able to focus on growing and worry less about staying afloat in today’s economy.

Need to See it for Yourself?

Check out the real E2P report below. It’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it shows what’s important: the per-project revenue generated just from using software.

2019_02_21 E2P Meter by Project and AppAsset 1

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