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Ranking Use for License Optimization

Process Meter V3.2 released – individual window and file session monitoring delivered

SaaS/Cloud Application Use Monitoring – the Next Frontier

Project Association

Application/License Trending and Planning

Process Meter V3 Released

License Cost Reduction Use Cases

Who’s Using What Application for How Long?

For How Long?

What is the Application?

Who is the user?

I just want to know who is using what application, and for how long

Monitoring as a Service

Real time is the next step in Software Asset Optimization

Real Time Application Use Data Visualization – APIs and Granular Data

Desktop entitlement compliance – “Come Armed with Usage Information”

Application Over Licensing – How Much is Too Much?

Reading log files means getting coarse data

Benefits of 3-Tier Architectures to Real-Time Reporting Solutions

Why Agents are Critical to Usage Information Gathering

Usage Monitoring Application Architecture – Why it Matters

Why are companies packaging applications into Suites?

Why is Autodesk’s Cascading License File so difficult to debug?

What makes Autodesk Licensing unique?

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How are applications launched?

Monitoring applications is hard

Metering and monitoring are not the same thing.

Why CRM was the "Killer app" for SaaS

RDBMS Part 2

The Start of SaaS - The Relational Database


The Internet

History Re-Invented - The start of the browser

History Re-Invented - Why did SaaS Start?

Hybrid licensing models – Wave or Ripple? Continued

Hybrid Licensing Models - Wave or Ripple?

The Beauty of Actual Concurrent Usage

Why real-time tracking is the only way to go

Single Source of Truth: The case for desktop point-of-use application monitoring

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