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3 Ways Cetrus Benefits Software End Users

Posted by Cat McGuire on Dec 4, 2019 6:40:47 PM
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It’s a no-brainer that most people who are interested in Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) are in IT, BIM management, and Finance. We save them time and money because our data allows them to make informed decisions around software.

But what if you’re an engineer, architect, or designer? Wouldn’t you want to push against any kind of monitoring software? Excellent questions. The answer is that CPM helps you too, and here are three ways it does.

  1. Saving money on software isn’t just good for the company, it helps you too. You’re more likely to get a license when you need it.

If your IT team has a budget for software, but they don’t have visibility into what’s actually needed, they are playing a purchasing guessing game. However, if they know what software is most in demand and what’s not used at all, they’ll be able to maximize that budget. They’ll also have data to prove that more licenses are needed, and thus justify requests for additional licenses.

  1. You know that person who always checks out a license at the beginning of the day and hogs it constantly without using it? Well now, there’s proof, and it’s time to end those annoying, “Would someone please release ___ license!!!” requests.

        (If this is you…c’mon dude, get with the program.)

User behavior is one of the biggest unknown problems firms face. Sometimes people check out licenses for full days without using them. This creates inefficiency and frustration among users. With CPM, IT is able to see different Activity States (not what is being typed or performed, but whether people are simply active on applications or not) and licensing check out details. This data provides insight into behavior.

Soon, our latest CPM Plug-in, ARES, will include a new feature called Waitlist. This will allow users to join a queue and “get in line” to use an application, reducing the amount of stress, friction, and “license release” emails between you and your colleagues.

  1. Make your projects more profitable by billing for software use. (Hello raise!)

Our CPM Plug-in, Expense-2-Project (E2P) allows users to associate exact time spent on an application to projects. This allows you to treat apps like assets, just like you would for the use of excavation equipment. When you open an application, a little window will pop up, you enter in your project info, and E2P will track time until closing the app.

One simple step, and your company is increasing revenue while you are looking a little better in the boss’s eyes.

Now you have important information about the ways Cetrus CPM and E2P benefit your company – and you!


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