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Why Finance Executives Like CPM

Posted by Cat McGuire on Jan 30, 2019 8:25:39 PM
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Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) provides software application use data and analytic templates so you can make informed licensing decisions and increase profitability. Below are some key examples of how CPM works to make your job easier.


Reduced licensing costs

In our experience, firms tend to be around 30% over licensed. Daily peak use for Network licenses and desktop applications are easily visualized through CPM’s dynamic templates. With this data, know how many of each license are needed based on use.

New revenue streams

The Expense-2-Project (E2P) Plug-in associates application use to projects for analysis and reimbursement, converting software from an overhead expense to a revenue-generating asset.

Contain costs, eliminate overages (coming March 2019)

The Application REStrictor (ARES) Plug-in prevents an application from launching if the number of checked out licenses reaches a maximum, eliminating surprise charges (Like in Bentley’s “Trust-Based” licensing).

Increased efficiency by reducing idle licenses

CPM captures three activity states (Active, Inactive, and Timeout) which allow you to analyze how often licenses are “parked” (not actively used) for long periods of time. This behavior impacts how many licenses are necessary. By identifying those who have this bad habit, you can implement measures to reduce parked licenses and increase license efficiency.

Low licensing and support costs

CPM requires little IT support, keeping resource costs down. Low licensing fees ensure high ROI.

Optimized desktop application placement

Application use is monitored at the desktop, providing visibility into unused and underused applications. This lets organizations determine which users truly need a license.

Extensive analysis for increased efficiency

CPM’s application use ranking allows “What-if” analysis of different vendor licensing options, or which users should get packages vs individual applications. Organizations can also determine when licenses are no longer needed for a project for reclamation and re-allocation.

Proactive license management

IT Administrators can release idle license sessions, allowing proactive license management, peak use optimization, and happier end users.


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