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Who’s Using What Application for How Long?

Posted by Erik Hoogerhuis on May 20, 2016 8:08:27 PM

This is the fourth in a series of posts in which we discuss the application use reporting question, “Who is using what application and for how long?” In our last post we discussed data attribute issues around “For how long.” In this post we’ll look at some of the use case categories our customers need addressed.

Application use information helps address a number of business needs. Different use cases require different data subsets. As discussed in previous posts, the application deployment and licensing models have significant impact on whether or how the information can be collected. What is key to understand is that a desktop application reporting solution limited to one application or licensing type, such as reading license server log files, cannot address the full complement of enterprise reporting needs.

Use cases tend to fall into several categories:

License cost reduction

  • Concurrent licenses
  • Standalone desktop licenses
  • Redundant, overlapping licenses
  • License type rationalization

Application/License Trending and Planning

  • Trending analysis for cause/effect
  • License use weighting by user type
  • Level of service planning

Business efficiency

  • Group comparisons – license use
  • Application uptake
  • Training

Project Association

  • License use for reimbursement
  • Application use for consultant time tracking
  • Resource allocation


  • Cost reduction
  • Faster problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Productivity Improvement

We’ll look into the benefits, characteristics and data attributes associated with each of these use case categories in future posts.

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