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Top 5 Lessons Learned from my 1st Autodesk University

Posted by Cat McGuire on Nov 19, 2018 7:50:24 PM
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A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth last week! We loved talking with all of you and we hope you got as much out of AU as we did.

This is a short list of what I learned (as Cetrus’ Marketing Manager) from my first Autodesk University:


  1. If you have a “spin to win” wheel at your booth, and you are female, you will undoubtedly be called Vanna White. (FYI – You should probably refrain from calling someone that in general.)

With massive companies like Dell and HP attending, it can be difficult to bring people over to your much smaller booth without something fun to do. This year we had a standing wheel for people to spin to win some free SWAG or candy. This helped facilitate good, casual conversations about Cetrus Process Meter and how we help companies save money.

***Side Note: If you are a woman at AU, you will be noticed in general. C’mon guys. Let’s get more women in the AEC and technology space!


  1. People are frustrated with how complicated licensing is.

Not everyone attending AU is a decision maker for purchasing licenses. About half of our booth visitors were software end users. However, even end users are well aware of the licensing struggles that their management faces.

Everyone we talked to quickly saw how beneficial CPM data would be to their team, because that is how prominent the issue is.


  1. It’s not just Autodesk.

One of the biggest questions we were asked was: “Do you only monitor Autodesk applications?” People are also frustrated with the similarly complicated and expensive licensing methods of software providers like Adobe and Bentley.

CPM can monitor any windows-based application, regardless of the provider. This allows administrators to easily compare software use from different suites, versions, and providers.


  1. IT wants visibility into how applications are being used.

This is where our reports become invaluable. Any IT or BIM Mangers we spoke to were most interested in the visibility our reports provide into application use. These conversations were the ones that led to business cards and additional informational flyers. Out of everyone we spoke to, this group of people seems to be the most frustrated (and most pressured) when it comes to software licensing.


  1. “Parking a license” is a frequent employee behavioral problem.

When an application user opens a license and keeps it unused on their desktop for long periods of time, we call it “parking a license”. CPM data shows admins how active people are on applications. When explaining this functionality at AU, many people agreed that their company has this problem. Some engineers and architects even admitted to being guilty of parking licenses, but claimed that within their company it is necessary to guarantee a license when needed.  



I learned a lot at AU and shortening it down to this top 5 list was difficult. Overall I think I now have a better understanding of what our customers really need.


Liked our booth? Have any suggestions? Please comment at the bottom!

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