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Spending Money to Make Money: The Importance of SAM

Posted by Cat McGuire on Jul 25, 2018 7:50:20 PM
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In ZDNet’s article “Three software licensing tips th

at can slice up to 30 percent off your costs” Colin Barker explains how Software Asset Management (SAM) tools are essential to saving money on software:

“It is difficult to optimize software spending because licenses are so complex and the whole process is labor-intensive. Because it requires specialized knowledge and does not scale, larger companies need a SAM tool which can automate the process” (Barker, 2016).

It’s impossible to know what your needs are if you don’t know what you have and are currently using. This is also an issue of compliance. Without a tool to take inventory of your machines, you may be unaware of software and hardware that has been installed without notifying management or IT. Ensuring compliance protects you from legal risks and costs.

How are you currently making decisions on licensing purchases? Imagine how much smoother that process could be with proof that you need more or less licenses. The graphic below shows how Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) affects licensing costs over time. In our experience, the cost of CPM is easily paid for by license reduction alone. (If you add E2P’s software billing to projects, you can generate revenue from software use.)

Cost Benefits of CPM greyAsset 2

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Barker, Colin. “Three Software Licensing Tips That Can Slice up to 30 Percent off Your Costs.” ZDNet, CBS Interactive, 20 July 2016,


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