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Single Source of Truth: The case for desktop point-of-use application monitoring

Posted by Erik Hoogerhuis on Apr 16, 2015 3:05:00 PM

We at Cetrus have a simple philosophy about desktop application monitoring. The only way to get truly accurate information about application usage is at the point of usage. There are lots of ways to get subsets of the usage picture: tracking virtualized windows, tracking license keys, tracking software checked in/out and so on. While effective, these approaches share common weaknesses, such as:
  • Being limited to a subset of all the applications being used

  • Generating a very rough granularity of time information (you checked an application out at 8 am and back in at 3 pm)

  • No real-time visibility into need - you have a 25-concurrent-user license and at 2 pm 26th person 

  • They use different tools to gather the data

  • They create islands of usage data


To solve the above problems we’ve created a platform to track activity at the point of usage. And what benefits do end customers get from this kind of data? Point of usage tracking can provide:

  • An organization-wide view of usage that provides both granular and aggregate information

  • The ability to see if a concurrent session is active or just idle (and when it became idle and for how long)

  • How many concurrent user licenses are active across multiple servers

  • Whether and when individual licenses are being used



Check back next week and we’ll dig a bit deeper into the issues and benefits.



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