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Shed a Light on Your Software Licensing

Posted by Cat McGuire on Aug 29, 2018 4:22:50 PM
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Blue squre with light bulbsCould you answer (with 100% certainty) the following questions?

  • What applications are installed on each machine in your company?
  • Are all licenses used every day?
  • When checked out, are applications always actively used?
  • Do employees ever “park” applications on their computer to ensure they access a copy at all times?
  • What times of the year do you need additional licenses due to high demand?


If you can answer all of those questions, great job! You are in the minority. If you can’t, you should definitely keep reading.

To know the answer to all the above questions you need accurate, detailed data to provide insight. Take a look at the report below. This is a real set of Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) data that shows the peak number of licenses checked out per day on two different servers.

LMAP Daily Peak License Usage ediitedAsset 1

As you can see, the peak number of licenses is well below the maximum number of licenses purchased on both servers. To determine which licenses to reduce, one would simply filter by application name to dig deeper into the data and analyze which applications are over-licensed.

Below is another example of real CPM data that provides visualization into how active, or inactive, employees are when they check out a license.

2018_08_28 Application Use RankingAsset 3

This gives you a detailed glimpse into how employees utilize applications.

  • Green bars – Active time, when an application is actively being used.
  • Yellow bars – Inactive time, when an application is open, but not actively used.
  • Orange bars – Timeout, when an application has sat idle for a long period of time.

Almost every one of these users have spent time in all three activity states. This typically means that your licenses are not being used efficiently, and you could be purchasing too many.


What’s our point? Answering the initial questions in this post is crucial if you want to maximize efficiency and save money. To answer those questions, you need data to provide visualization, and shed a light on your software licensing. Cetrus Process Meter is the cutting-edge tool that provides this data seamlessly and reliably.

To see more take a look at our website HERE.

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