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SaaS/Cloud Application Use Monitoring – the Next Frontier

Posted by Erik Hoogerhuis on Jan 30, 2017 4:52:43 PM

Several trends are driving AEC firms to re-assess their application use monitoring:

  • Changing licensing models from perpetual to subscription/rental
  • Shifting license delivery from desktops and license servers to the cloud
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud (remote simulation/rendering) application delivery.  

On-line magazine cadalyst recently published Surf the Software Licensing Tsunami, an article that describes why companies need the ability to monitor and report on SaaS and Cloud use.  


New SaaS applications may cost less than 30% of their perpetual equivalents up front, but many solution providers do not deliver reports to let organizations understand whether or how long users log in.  Collaboration applications, such as Autodesk’s Collaboration for Revit, may not provide reports to show which users log into which projects, when they log in and for how long, etc. Organizations need to identify project teams that might need assistance, or if some users or groups are not actively collaborating.


Application providers like Autodesk are experimenting with new pricing models such as tokens to simplify payment for cloud-based simulation and rendering applications. While cloud-computing addresses a number of end-user needs, such as no hardware or software to acquire, manage or upgrade, application or token use reporting may be lacking.


Organizations typically pre-pay for a number of tokens, and the use reports are often at the organizational level.  Firms struggle to identify to answer important use questions including: which users consumed tokens; how many tokens were associated with a specific request; which projects consumed the tokens; and how to document use for reimbursement by the project.  This lack of visibility creates issues of accountability, project expense tracking, and cost-justification vs other options (which might be more expensive, but are trackable).


We believe this monitoring/reporting issue is going to become increasingly more significant because next generation applications are typically SaaS and cloud-based. We also believe that a new approach to monitoring is required to report use for the new applications. Cetrus is actively building the monitoring infrastructure for existing desktop applications and licensing models as well as SaaS and Cloud applications.


Contact us at – we are happy to describe what we see as the issues and how we plan to address them by enhancing Process Meter.