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Reports Showcase: Usage Summary by Application

Posted by Cat McGuire on Jun 13, 2018 2:42:14 PM
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Welcome to the 3rd blog post in our “Reports Showcase” series where we show off one of our favorite reports and briefly explain how it benefits your company.

Today let’s explore the colorful and versatile Usage Summary by Application tool, which is part of our Expense-2-Project (E2P) Plug-in. Its benefits are more subtle than some of our other reports and can be used alongside additional CPM reports to answer different questions.

Usage Summary by Application

What is it?

A pie chart where each slice of the pie represents the amount of time (in minutes) that monitored applications are used.

What can I mess with?

You can choose:

  • Which applications to compare
  • Who was using the software
  • Over what period of time
  • For what portion of the total minutes

What’s my benefit?

With the Usage Summary by Application report you can compare which applications are used the most and which are used the least. This information can be used alongside Activity Monitor data for licensing optimization. By comparing which applications are the most profitable with E2P, you can decide which applications to purchase more of. When you can prove that an application will pay for itself, getting management’s approval for buying a new license is a breeze!

Another major use of this report has to do with adjusting project billing costs. By comparing total E2P time and the cost of licenses, you can decide what the ideal billing cost should be. For example, if an application is only being used for a short amount of time and you had to purchase it for a single project, you could increase the price per hour of billing so you recoup the full cost of the license. Or if an application is being used a lot on multiple projects, and you have a low cost per hour, you could adjust your price to increase overall profit.

Summary of Benefits

  • Compare application E2P use for purchasing decisions
  • Prove to management a license will pay for itself
  • Adjust project costs to maximize billing


Think this data could be used in other ways? Want a full demo? Comment below!


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