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Report Showcase: Utilization

Posted by Cat McGuire on Feb 27, 2019 6:29:09 PM
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We have to warn you…this report has been called “sexy.”

Our Sales and Reports team works constantly to get feedback from customers and create new reports to fit real business needs. Our goal is to create ways of viewing CPM data that help clients make fast, informed decisions on software.

Below is a brand new graph called Utilization — the beautiful brain child of these efforts.

2019_02_21 LMAP UtilizationAsset 1

What is it?

  • LMAP Report - The LMAP Plug-in captures licensing data from NLM Servers
  • Heat map - shows how close each application is to reaching maximum licenses over time

What Can I Mess With?

  • Time period
  • Which applications are seen
  • Which user data is seen

What’s my Benefit?

With this eye candy, you get a snapshot look into how frequently an application is maxed out, and the ability to quickly compare

In the real example above, AutoCAD 2018 is clearly being utilized most out of these 6 applications. AutoCAD 2018 frequently hits the 100% utilization mark, only dipping in use around nights and weekends. If Client ABC’s employees are happy and able to get their work done, they probably have the perfect amount of AutoCAD 2018 licenses.

Conversely, if the lack of available licenses is causing bottlenecks, this data could help prove the need for purchasing more AutoCAD 2018 licenses. It is easier to justify the need for more resources when you have data to back your claims.

The other 5 applications don’t come close to maximum utilization. This could be a sign that too many licenses are purchased for the amount of use that each really gets. Hello, cost savings!

Of course 24 days is a relatively short time period on which to make long-term decisions. To truly reach license optimization, data must be gathered over time to see peaks and valleys of use, whether due to organizational changes, growth, busy seasons, or other factors.

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