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Report Showcase: Comparisons with just the Snap of a Finger

Posted by Cat McGuire on Feb 6, 2019 7:52:07 PM
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Unique Users per Day Line Graph

We want customers to get the most out of their data. This means we need to have reports that allow administrators to easily make decisions based on detailed data. Today, we want to share a report that has been revamped to be more efficient and dynamic. (It’s not even on our website reports page yet!)

AM Unique Users per day -line

What can I mess with?

  • Dates and times
  • Which applications are seen (Product Name)
  • Compare users’ peak use
  • When clicking on a single bullet, you get an information pop-up (see image below) with more details for further analysis/action
Unique users per day line close up

What’s in it for me?

Comparisons with just the snap of a finger

In the example above, notice only versions of Revit and Revit communicator are selected under “Product Name.” This illustrates how easily comparisons can be made between applications, even different bit versions of the same application.

With this report, an administrator can see how often applications are used and determine how many licenses are needed for each quarter of the year.

Have you heard about a little thing called token flex licensing? Well, imagine being able to accurately determine how many tokens to purchase before you enter a 2 to 5 year contract with Autodesk.

You’ll notice in the graph above that there is a gradual decline in peak use for all versions of Revit as the year comes to an end. This could help Company X potentially reduce their number of purchased licenses in the last quarter.

With the Daily Peak Users line graph you’ll see trends like this as, over time, your company’s needs change based on company growth, annual peak seasons, and more.


Have some ideas about this graph or how it can be used? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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