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Report Showcase - Daily Peak License Usage

Posted by Cat McGuire on Mar 21, 2018 5:50:37 PM
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Daily Peak License Usage (LMAP) PNGAsset 2.png

Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) provides the most detailed application use data. So? Data means nothing without a way to visualize and analyze it. This post is the first in a new series we are calling “Report Showcase,” where we will show off a report and simply explain how it benefits your company.

Let’s begin with one of the classics: Daily Peak License Usage.

What does it show?

The maximum number of licenses consumed on a daily basis compared to your total number of licenses.

What can I mess with?

You can sort the data by server name (if you have multiple), application name, and date.

What’s my benefit?

Determine Need -> Optimize Licenses

This information is crucial in determining the number of licenses you need to buy, and on which server they should be located. In the example image, you see that this company can heavily reduce their number of AutoCAD licenses on Server1 and can also remove a few licenses from Server2. In addition, you can compare different versions of licenses to decide if you want to purchase lower-cost versions or packages.

Improve Planning

By altering the date range, you can analyze how each license is used over time. See your trending, seasonal, and cyclical patterns of application use. Then, predict what you will require so you can plan ahead and allocate resources as they are needed.


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