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Reports Showcase: Application Use Ranking

Posted by Cat McGuire on Apr 25, 2018 4:48:29 PM
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Welcome to the 2nd blog post in our new series “Reports Showcase” where we show off a report and simply (and quickly) explain how it benefits your company!

Today we want to share with you this very detailed and useful report called Application Use Ranking.


What does it show?

It is a comparison chart between how much time users spend actively using an application, versus letting it sit open and idle.

What can I mess with?

You can change the time period, and filter by: user, application, number of hours, and type of session (Active, Inactive or Timeout) for detailed analysis.

What’s my benefit?

With this information you can:

  • Compare who is effectively utilizing applications the most (and least)
  • See which applications are going unused
  • Evaluate which applications to buy more or less of (we have other reports that help with this too)
  • Maximize efficiency - determine if employees need awareness training to decrease Inactive/Timeout states

In the example above, you can see that User 5 has the highest number of Active hours using AutoCAD. However he/she also has the largest amount of Timeout, potentially preventing other employees from accessing the application when they need it. Knowing this, you could speak with him/her about closing down AutoCAD whenever finished with it, to help fellow coworkers get the license when needed.


Thanks for reading!

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