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Process Meter V3 Released

Posted by Erik Hoogerhuis on Jun 29, 2016 2:38:14 PM

Application deployment and licensing has evolved from standalone applications to include concurrent/metered licenses, enterprise licenses, cloud-delivered licensing, cloud-server batch, browser-based applications, and APIs. Existing monitoring solutions using license log files can’t monitor and report on applications that receive licenses from outside the enterprise. New approaches to application use monitoring are required to provide the use data enterprises need for license cost reduction and application use optimization.  

Process Meter V3 (PM V3) is our solution to the need for one platform to report on application use, independent of the licensing and application delivery model.  It represents not just a new marketplace solution, but a completely different approach to capturing use data.

We released PM V3 for trial and production use Friday, June 24, 2016.

PM V3 addresses the data collection problem by placing an Agent on each workstation or server being monitored. Agent Plugins deliver Agent-specific functionality, such as reading hardware and software inventories, letting users associate an application session or window to a project, or reading log files on license servers. Agents also store configuration files, which list the applications that agent will monitor. Lastly, agents can monitor use without being connected to a network, enabling offline application use monitoring.

Agents report use information to Managers, which store configuration files for Agents, temporarily cache use data, and keep local copies of Plugins available for upgrade. Managers periodically batch use data to the Cetrus website, where the data is aggregated for reporting.

By putting a monitoring agent at the point of use, application use reporting can occur independently of where the license is deployed from. This lets PM V3 report on locally installed applications such as Bentley or Microsoft, as well as license metered applications such as those from Autodesk, Adobe, etc. In addition, Agents report application use changes as they occur, providing unparalleled granular use and real-time license status data. Agents and plugins can also capture locally available information, such as who logged into a shared or community workstation, or by reading the workstation’s registry. In the future, we intend to have Process Meter monitor browser-based applications.

The key data PM V3 provides include which applications are launched, when, on what workstation, by whom, and the session state of the license and open windows: Active, Inactive/Idle, or Timed Out. When aggregated and segmented in groups, the data lets enterprises report concurrent use for peak and trending analysis and the true status of individual licenses at any time. Enterprises can also run inventory reports to understand what applications are installed on any monitored workstation, along with the installation date, upgrade history, etc. In addition, they can run a report to show hardware configuration details.

PM V3 is a foundational release – we have great plans for adding functionality such as Business Intelligence/Analytics, alerting, and improved administration, as well as vendor-specific capabilities to address the nuances of license or use payment optimization.

Please send us a note if you’d like to know more at Try our no-charge, 30-day trial, and see for yourself why Process Meter is the desktop application monitoring platform for today and the future.

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