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Insights from Autodesk University 2017

Posted by Erik Hoogerhuis on Nov 20, 2017 7:10:41 PM

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At Autodesk University last week we had some great discussions with Autodesk users.  They described an amazing variety of licensing problems and monitoring needs. Needs ranged from simply seeing peak consumption of licenses, to wanting Revit plug-in monitoring.  In addition, there was a lot of concern about how to report use as licensing models move to SaaS and cloud pay-per-use.

It was particularly exciting to get feedback on Process Meter’s ability to associate application use to projects. Many people believed association couldn’t be done until we explained how we do it. One attendee was doing a quick scan of our messaging and said that project association caught his eye because it sounded unique, and wanted to know more.

Application association is simply the ability to add a project identifier to a session ID. Feedback I gathered on how the resulting data is used can be split into two sets of business cases:  1. Time and Materials projects and 2. Fixed Bid projects. Most organizations we spoke with had a mix of both, with management particularly concerned with the overall impact of misreported time on revenue and profitability.

The primary needs for each new use case from AU 2017 are:

  1. Time and Materials (T&M) – Improve asset use billing for profitability
  • Improved personnel billing accuracy
  • Ability to bill for project-specific specialty desktop software use
  • Desire to bill for SaaS and cloud pay-per-use simulation and rendering
  1. Fixed Bid – Increase profitability and reduce costs
  • Ability to compare actual license use data for project resource utilization to self-reported time (especially for companies with mixtures of T&M and Fixed Bid projects)
  • Productivity comparisons
  • Improved project risk analysis

Final Thoughts

We went to AU2017 with the goal to show how the Process Meter platform can address application use reporting needs that prior generations of approaches cannot.  Feedback from attendees was that we have delivered. The most gratifying comment from one head of IT was “You’ve really given me some interesting things to think about” right after he requested a trial.

Ultimately I learned that we need to focus on educating people about what is possible with Process Meter’s new technology, and how the data creates new opportunities for revenue enhancement and margin management.


Thank you to everyone who came by our booth!

If you missed us, email me at for more information.

Check out last week's press release HERE.


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