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Posted by Erik Hoogerhuis on Jun 24, 2015 1:03:00 PM


Two weeks ago we had the privilege of presenting at the IBSMA 2015 SAM Summit in Chicago.  The conference was for SAM (Software Asset Management) personnel:

  • Legal for contract negotiation and audit/compliance support
  • Procurement for new license acquisition or contract rationalization
  • Asset management for asset identification and entitlement tracking and management

IMG_2372-448529-editedFollowing are some perceptions on the conference and issues in asset management:

Software Asset Management becomes more important as companies become larger

Increased investment in asset management is driven by audits, M&A, lawsuits and organizations with shared services or centralized IT management

The industries most interested in SAM are Finance, Government, Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals

Asset Management is not viewed as a strategic management issue, even by IT

Yearly audits by multiple large software firms are forcing companies to proactively “arm” themselves and SAM is required to be prepared

Well implemented SAM processes and real-time data let end user organizations put the onus on software suppliers to prove non-compliance

There is no “one stop” SAM solution – organizations implement multiple solutions to solve specific needs

Companies pursue SAM based on tactical issues, not holistically

Big difficulties with compliance management

  • Contract terms keep changing without corresponding vendor supplied management tools to manage or verify compliance
  • Vendors create new contract terms to existing licenses without auditing or reviewing  existing implementations – ensuring non-compliance or confusion over terms
  • Vendors change contract terms via on-line updates to click-through agreements, so compliance and procurement managers aren’t aware of changes
  • Server based licenses are difficult to manage and tie back to business value
  • SaaS application management is a growing problem
  • Compliance managers are becoming concerned about their ability to monitor Software as a Service (SAAS) usage relative to commitments

Let us know your thoughts on these topics – we’d love your feedback.

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