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How Customers Use CPM Data

Posted by Cat McGuire on Jan 9, 2019 8:08:13 PM
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Our product, Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) collects detailed information about software application and license use. As our product and customer base grows, we are learning that clients have uses for CPM data that we never considered.

Our customers each have different technical environments, business processes, software used, employee behaviors, and resources available. So naturally, each customer has different problems to solve and a unique way to analyze CPM data in. The versatility of CPM data means that we have to start demos and sales presentations by asking potential customers about their frustrations with software. This is because our generic list of what CPM can do may not be what the company primarily needs the data for.

Just recently, we learned that a client compared application use of new employees, recent college graduates, to understand where new hires were spending the most time. They discovered that these employees were spending the most active time on Outlook, struggling to quickly learn Outlook’s interface. With this knowledge, our customer improved their onboarding training by adding an Outlook tutorial component to increase efficiency and save time.

You won’t find any value propositions on our website that advocate using CPM for training purposes, yet that’s one way to utilize CPM data! The number of potential uses for analyzing CPM data are limitless.

This year, we are excited to explore the possibilities of uses for CPM data. Have some ideas? Have some questions for us? Comment below and join the conversation or Contact Us.


Our reports are going through some major changes, designed to be more helpful and efficient in solving our customer’s problems, see one below. We’ve added a few new snapshots to our website, check them out HERE.

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